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Increase website conversions with these 12 things you can easily implement today by digital marketer Tegan Marshall

12 things you can do to increase website conversions

Recently, as part of our commitment to giving, we offered a complimentary review of a website in a private FB group. The clients goal was to increase website conversions. She wanted more visitors to convert to clients and…

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Website Bounce Rate Accuracy

Is your website bounce rate accurate?

Your website bounce rate is defined by Google as “a single-page visit where the person left from the entrance page” i.e. didn’t click through to other pages on your site…

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Best Photos For Websites And Promos Blog Post By Tegan Marshall Of Blue Dog Digital Marketing Resized

What are the best photos for websites and promos

A smart client of ours was booking a professional photo shoot for her website. She asked us what sort of photographs should she ask for from her photographer. She is…

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Top Ten Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Working

Top 10 Reasons why your website isn’t working

Are you lost when it comes to understanding why your website isn’t performing? We got so frustrated with meeting people who had a brilliant product or service and were working…

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Why you need your unique value proposition on your website?

Your unique value proposition (UVP) is what makes you different. It’s what makes you stand out from your competition. It’s the reason your customers choose to work with you rather…

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Driving traffic to your book or event via landing pages

Landing pages are one of the best tools to convert people into either a database member or an actual client depending on how they are used and as long as…

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project management software

Get Organised with Podio Project Management Software

I’ve done a bucket load of project management software testing, spent countless hours and decided “this is the one” at least 3 or 4 times. Then along came Podio. We…

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time management

Maximize These Time Management Tips to Optimise Your Business

Everyone starts off with the same amount of time each and every day – 24 hours – how you chose to use your time is what matters. Follow these top…

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Become an Expert Blogger

DON’T WRITE MORE CONTENT, PROMOTE WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN MORE When you finally write an article or blog post (lets call it content from here on) you have taken the…

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Why your business needs a database

A database is a system where information is stored and categorised to be either archived or accessed with ease. From construction sites to boutiques a database can improve organisation, customer…

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Why Should You Use WordPress?

When WordPress was first launched in 2003, it was seen as simple CMS for blogging programs. But as the years have gone by it has become more important and now…

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Our Top Ten Sales Techniques

Know Your Product or Service It seems straightforward, doesn’t it? Yet there are far too many sales people who try to sell products without having a good grasp of what…

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