12 things you can do to increase website conversions

Increase website conversions with these 12 things you can easily implement today by digital marketer Tegan Marshall

Recently, as part of our commitment to giving, we offered a complimentary review of a website in a private FB group. The clients goal was to increase website conversions. She wanted more visitors to convert to clients and for it to happen with less effort than it currently did. We personalised the website review specifically to the client’s website but I thought the…

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Is your website bounce rate accurate?

Website Bounce Rate Accuracy

Your website bounce rate is defined by Google as “a single-page visit where the person left from the entrance page” i.e. didn’t click through to other pages on your site once they arrived. A lot of people tend to put emphasis on reducing the bounce rate and often base their understanding of their audience on…

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What are the best photos for websites and promos

Best Photos For Websites And Promos Blog Post By Tegan Marshall Of Blue Dog Digital Marketing Resized

A smart client of ours was booking a professional photo shoot for her website. She asked us what sort of photographs should she ask for from her photographer. She is smart for many reasons but in this case, it’s because firstly she is having her photos done professionally. Secondly, she asked BEFORE her photoshoot. So,…

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WordPress 5.0 – Why you should not upgrade to the new editor

Wordpress 5.0 Release

WordPress 5.0 has been released today, and oh have things changed! What is this new block editor? WordPress announced today the release of version 5.0, with the drastically changed default editor dubbed Project Gutenberg. To say this release has been controversial amongst the WordPress community is an understatement, with many saying the release has been…

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