Driving traffic to your book or event via landing pages

Use landing pages and drive traffic to sell your book or event

Landing pages are one of the best tools to convert people into either a database member or an actual client depending on how they are used and as long as they have been designed correctly. They can also be tailored to your marketing material and for specific target markets. However even the most brilliant landing page will be filled with the noise of crickets on a starlit night if you don’t take the necessary steps to send people to your page. Here are five tried and proven methods to driving traffic to your book or event landing page:


As an astute business person in this century you are probably acutely aware that you should be blogging and sharing your original content (your years of knowledge) with the world and consequently by posting these blog posts on your website you can increase your search rankings and consequently traffic. Driving traffic to your book or event landing page is quite similar, all you have to do is add a call to action to the bottom of your blog that points to your landing page offer on every single post that you write. An easy way to do this as an author is simply to say “read more about [topic] in my recently published book (or upcoming event)” and link it. This can also be effective if you are a guest blogger too but be careful not to overdo it and turn your blog into an advertisement or you wont be invited to blog for them again.


You have probably spent a lot of time, effort and money on your website and to get traffic to your site so make the most of that traffic. Besides the email capture that should already be on your site offering a standard database building valuable piece of information to your visitors throughout all of the pages on your site add a button that takes people to the landing page for your book or event.

Gorilla It

Gorilla marketing is a marketing strategy that is low cost and high in volume. What I mean by this is put a link to your book or event EVERYWHERE! Put it on the bottom of your email signature, on your facebook page, twitter and even get creative in Instagram. Talk about it wherever you can and put the link everywhere and anywhere that you can and get others talking about it any way that you can.Get creative by thinking of ways that you can inspire conversations about your new book or event.

Upsell It

If you have another program, product or service that clients are purchasing then on the thank you page or thank you email and even on the invoice that they receive, be sure to promote the link to your book or event landing page as an added benefit and compliment to your other products or services. They have already bought off you so this upsell or add on will be much easier to achieve and provide a higher conversion rate.

Social Media

To start with, make sure that on all of your social media profiles you are promoting your book or event landing page link. Then place a promotion post on Facebook excitedly announcing your book or event and boost that post (yes, spend a little money, it will be worth it and otherwise no-one will see your post). You can also run an advertisement which will enable you to target a specific and tailored market and send that traffic to your book or event landing page but please make sure that you have done your homework before taking this on to ensure that you get the best return for your investment. For Linkedin and Twitter you can make an announcement or place advertisements too.

OK that should keep you busy for a little while and remember, once you have mastered one landing page as a marketing campaign, then it’s time to start on your next income avenue. If you don’t have an easy to build landing page platform then go to the ‘done for you’ author, ebook and event landing pages here

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