What are the best photos for websites and promos

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A smart client of ours was booking a professional photo shoot for her website. She asked us what sort of photographs should she ask for from her photographer. She is smart for many reasons but in this case, it’s because firstly she is having her photos done professionally. Secondly, she asked BEFORE her photoshoot. So, I thought I would share our wish list so that you can get the best photos for websites and promotions too.

Lots of space around you

The first thing I always ask for is images with plenty of space around the subject. With lots of space above and each side of you, it makes it a LOT easier to crop to the size we need for your website. Plus, your graphic designer will love you because it leaves room to add graphics, headings and text for your promotional pieces.

Don’t always be centre stage

I realise how weird this might sound because, after all, you are the focus of the photo shoot. However, it’s worth requesting photos where you are either to the right or the left of the photo too. With lots of space on one side again it will allow lots of room for headings to be added or calls to action.

Keep the customers’ goals in mind

Rather than just do photos of you smiling, think about creating a story with each image. The story you want to create is the end result the customer is going to achieve. What is their ultimate goal and how can that be portrayed in an image with you in it. Think action shots instead of posed and propped. Keep it as real as possible but still on brand.

Dress to your brand and message

Images either make or break the success of a website. Yes, they are that important! Therefore, it’s important to make sure that everything reflects the message you want to send out and align with your brand. This includes the images, clothes, environment, backdrop and any props. For example, if your target market is tradies and your message is that you understand them, I wouldn’t recommend photos of you in an executive environment with a suit on

Look in different directions

My last request would be to make sure you get some images of you looking and pointing in different directions as they are handy to use for advertising. These can feel a bit cheesy but they can connect YOU with your products more and are very useful for advertising and calls to action on the website. E.g. sign up for my wonderful download here (insert picture of you pointing in the direction of the sign up box).

Why it’s a good idea

People want to connect with the people they are doing business with these days more than ever before. They want to know, like and trust you. The best way to achieve this is to have your photo(s) on the website. You don’t have to be front and centre but at least have a good photo of you on the about page.

Where to get inspiration from

If you really are at a loss as to what are the best photos for websites and promotions then look at what other people are doing. Who are the ‘new kids on the block’ in your industry and what are they doing? Look at other alternative industries and see if you can adopt any ideas into what you are wanting to achieve. Your photographer will also have some ideas but whatever you do, make sure what you choose is on brand and your style.

That’s about it for what you need for the best photos for websites and promotions. I hope you have found it helpful and I wish you the very best for your photoshoots.

Tegan Mathews

Tegan Marshall has over twenty years experience in sales and marketing for both local and international companies. A self-confessed non-techie but gadget lover she is a co-founder of www.bluedogwebsites.com and partner in Blue Dog Digital Marketing. A permanent traveller, published author, mentor, speaker and expert in fear in her spare time her idea of relaxing is climbing a mountain or having doggie cuddles.