Top 10 Reasons why your website isn’t working

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Working

Are you lost when it comes to understanding why your website isn’t performing? We got so frustrated with meeting people who had a brilliant product or service and were working really hard, but their website wasn’t doing anything for their business. So we came up with the top ten reasons why your website is failing you so that if this is you, then you can discover what you can do to fix it and get your website working for you, and making you money.

Content isn’t relevant to your target audience

If you don’t know your target audience then you are in trouble here, but if you do, put yourself in their shoes and look at your website through their eyes, then go re-write all the content so that it’s relevant and interesting to them.

No call to action

You have to tell your customers what they are supposed to do next, make it easy for them. To do this, create a call to action that is on each page of your website, telling them the next step. This could be to download something, or to call you or to fill in a form, to read your eBook or to purchase your product.

No basic SEO on your website

There is a lot to learn and understand what SEO is when it comes to your site but the basic things you can do is to make sure your site is indexed by Google, ensure each page has its own URL with a relevant keyword and then check the content of each page has approximately 7% of the same keyword throughout.

No recent new content

Google is always wanting the user to have a good experience, if you haven’t updated the content on your site for the last six months then Google may not want to recommend you because there is nothing new there. Write a new blog, add a new picture, create a new page or add another testimonial.

Where is your Unique Value Proposition

Most people may know what their UVP is, but they don’t put it on their website and yet your UVP is the reason people chose you over your competition. That’s why it’s called a “unique” value proposition. So be sure to put it prominently on your site, in fact, having it as the first thing users see is a great idea.

Not sharing content

If you take the time to write a really great answer to a Frequently Asked Question or an informative blog post, then tell people about it. Share it on your social media and let your customers know so that they can share it too.

Your site looks ugly

Filling up your website with too many words looks terrible and makes you sound desperate to your potential buyer, like you are trying to convince them of how good you are. Use images to create a story, or to make a statement and be concise with your words. Remember, less is more.


With over 85% of people now viewing websites on their phones or mobile devices, if your website isn’t mobile responsive (adjusts to each device) then not only will you be penalised by Google but you will also be losing sales as people struggle to use your site.

Hard to navigate

If your visitor can’t find what is important to them on your site both quickly and easily then you will lose them. Make sure that your most important items (to them, not you) are on your homepage and in your menu and are easy to find.

Out of date

If your site is more than two years old then this is like ten years in the digital world. Make sure that your site software is up to date, and also the theme, and plugins are too.

BONUS # 1 – Not using Google Analytics

So many people find Google Analytics confusing however if you aren’t measuring what the traffic to your site is doing then you might as well not have a site. Request a report from your web designer and make the time to read it and understand it.

BONUS # 2 – Not promoting your site

A website can only do so much when it comes to promoting itself and the rest is up to you. So, if you aren’t sending traffic to your site then what is the point in having it. Use social media to send people to content or products on your site.

Clark Marshall

Clark Marshall has over twenty years experience in building websites, and has been working exclusively with WordPress for the past fifteen. A self confessed lover of coffee he loves nothing more than hanging out in cafe's catching up with mates as he travels the world together with his wife. In a previous life we are convinced he was a golden retriever as his love for dogs is infectious as is his chilled out demeanour.