12 things you can do to increase website conversions

Increase website conversions with these 12 things you can easily implement today by digital marketer Tegan Marshall

Recently, as part of our commitment to giving, we offered a complimentary review of a website in a private FB group. The clients goal was to increase website conversions. She wanted more visitors to convert to clients and for it to happen with less effort than it currently did.

We personalised the website review specifically to the client’s website but I thought the suggestions we offered could be useful to others too. 

So, here are 12 things you can do to increase website conversions. 

1. Headline First

The first headline they see needs to be what I (as a potential client) am going to get out of working with you e.g. Get your time back and grow your business, or get more time to spend with your family, or actually achieve everything on your to-do list. Keep it short, concise and punchy.

2. Have testimonials

Social proof is the magic sauce to getting any website conversion increased. Having testimonials add credibility and create security for the visitor that you are a legitimate business. If you are just starting out or launching a new product, and consequently don’t have any, offer the product/service either heavily discounted or free in return for testimonials and feedback.

3. Photos of you

People want to know who they are going to be working with. Especially if it’s 1:1. If you provide products, then people want to know who is behind the business, now more than they used to.  If you don’t have any decent photos, it’s worth hiring a photographer to get some done.

4. Offer something of value

There are lots of ways to grow your list. One of the most popular is to offer something in return for a person’s name and email address. If you choose this avenue though, make sure it is something of value and that your audience wants and ensure it is explained clearly otherwise you might as well have nothing there because it wont work. AND once you have them in your list, communicate with them regularly. Don’t just leave them wanting for more.

5. Do one thing well

Don’t try and be everything to everyone. Choose the main service or product that you enjoy providing the most and focus on being known for that. Once you choose, then make it blatantly clear throughout your website and marketing collateral what the ultimate outcome is for your customer if they purchase that product or service. 

6. Infograph your methodology

People need to feel confident that you have a method that works. If it’s a product you sell then they want to know how that product works. Hire a graphic designer and get that process down in a creative infographic that shows you know what you are doing. This builds confidence in you and your business.

7. Become and instant author

Turn your blogs into an ebook and add to your credibility or use it as part of a funnel to your primary product or service. If you prefer video to writing then have your video’s transcribed and then turn those into an ebook. It’s surprisingly inexpensive to have transcription done.

8. Always add value

Don’t discount your products or services. Instead, add more value. Think about what else you can add to increase the success or the wow factor of what you are offering. In the service based industry, add bonuses to your primary service to create a no-brainer offer clients can’t refuse. If you sell products, add a new and smaller product to create a package.

9. Be pricing transparent

Rather than saying “prices start from” or contact me for pricing, don’t be afraid to put your prices on your website. It may deter some people but those that do stick around you know are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. And can afford it! It also says that you are confident and worth the prices you are charging.

10. Keep it up to date

If your website isn’t up to date (I’m talking the software and plugins) and hosted on a quality fast and secure server then you are leaving yourself (and your business) vulnerable. It’s like trying to win a Formula One race, in a Datsun 180b. Most good web developers and hosting companies offer care plans to have your website maintained and kept safe & secure.

11. Customer Journey

Take the time to put yourself into the shoes of your website visitor and walk through your site. Does each page guide them to a clearly defined next step? Does the copy address the questions and concerns they would be having at each stage of the purchasing journey? If not, then that would be effecting your website conversion rates. Map out the ideal customer journey and then implement that onto your site.

12. Back yourself

Visitors are much more dubious about purchasing online than they used to be. Take away their concern by offering a straight up and easy guarantee. For example, a no-questions asked 100% guarantee. This gives the client more confidence in purchasing from you because you are willing to back yourself.

Implement these twelve things and you will definitely increase website conversions. Don’t forget the most important step though…to measure your results. Measure where you are at now and watch your conversions increase with each step that you implement.

You can also split test different options and measure which one works best. For example, you might create two different sales pages with different headings, text or imagery and test which one gets the most conversions. Always continue to test, measure and tweak to ensure continued positive results and if you want more support or a customised marketing strategy check out our website and marketing coaching sessions.

About Tegan Mathews

Tegan Marshall has over twenty years experience in sales and marketing for both local and international companies. A self-confessed non-techie but gadget lover she is a co-founder of www.bluedogwebsites.com and partner in Blue Dog Digital Marketing. A permanent traveller, published author, mentor, speaker and expert in fear in her spare time her idea of relaxing is climbing a mountain or having doggie cuddles.