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Imagine having a coach that not only specialised in marketing strategies for your business and personal growth but also understood how to implement them online quickly and easily

website marketing coach

How can a business website marketing coach help you?

Understand online marketing

Marketing online these days can become overwhelming with so many different options available. Having someone to help you make sense of it all, prioritise what needs to be done and support you to remain focused can relieve some of that stress and give you the clarity to grow your business.

  • Clarify your branding message
  • Define a realistic marketing strategy
  • Implement to the right online mediums
  • Create the perfect customer journey
  • Advise the best software solutions

Step out of the crazy, confusing fog and into a place of clarity and empowerment when it comes to your online marketing. Whether it's your website, advertising, social media or even defining your methodology in an easy to market format, you don't have to do it alone anymore.

Who is Tegan Marshall

And why you would want to work with her

Tegan Mathews Blue Dog Digital Marketing Consultant


  • Marketing and Online Strategies
  • Easy Sales Funnel Creation
  • Branding & Marketing Message
  • Business Growth on a Small Budget
  • Simplifying Complex Product Diversification
  • Mindset and Personal Coaching


  • Founded and Built 5 Successful Businesses
  • Took a startup to multiple six figures in 12 months
  • Started Her First Business at Just Fourteen
  • National Business Development Manager
  • Current Owner of Three Online Businesses
  • Qualified Coach for Twelve years
  • Certified Digital Marketer
  • Diverse Industry Experience
  • Permanent Luxury World Traveler


  • If you've had the courage to start a business with a product that will benefit people then you deserve to succeed!
  • To enjoy any kind of success you need to be willing to take calculated risks.
  • A website can only promote itself so much, then it's up to you to market it and get traffic to it. 
  • With the right strategy, online marketing can be a truly enjoyable experience.
  • It's totally possible to achieve the dream of working less & making more!
  • Innefficient (systems) equals insufficient (time & funds)

"I believe you gain success by helping others to achieve success and I love nothing more than to see a client gain the clarity they need to grow their business and enjoy the process"
- Tegan Marshall

Website & Marketing Coaching Options

Here's how you can work 1:1 with Tegan

One Session

$278 + GST

  • One 30 minute 1:1 strategy session
  • Use as a brainstorming session
  • Unscramble your business ideas
  • Define a marketing strategy
  • Get re-focused again

3 Sessions

$1599 + GST

  • 3 x 1 hour sessions within 3 months
  • Best utilised on a project basis
  • Marketing campaign strategy and support OR
  • Product launch guidance and advice OR
  • Create & implement a new sales funnel
  • Time frame is determined by project or goal


$997 + GST / month

  • Use to create real and lasting change
  • Support and mentorship on a regular basis
  • Create exponential growth in your business
  • Finance, marketing, systems, strategy, human resources, mindset
  • 2 tailored 1hr sessions each month
  • 2 hours hands on practical monthly
  • Unlimited email support
  • Emergency support

Maree Harris

People Empowered

"I've achieved more in the past two weeks working with you Tegan than I have in fifteen years of being in business. Thank you!"

Not sure which option is best suited to your business?