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Is it time for an upgrade to your website?

When is the best time to upgrade your website?

When Is The Best Time To Upgrade Your Website

If your current website is more than 2 years old then that's like 10 years old in tech years and it's time for an upgrade.

Or maybe your current website is built on a non-WordPress platform like Joomla, Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace and you want more freedom?

But what if you like the look, feel and functions of your current website? Or you don't have the budget to have a whole new website designed and built?

No problem! Here at Blue Dog, we understand how important it is to have a website that works for you as your business grows.

This is why we created the Website WordPress Upgrade packages. So you can get it done and get on with building your business.

Benefits of upgrading to a
Blue Dog WordPress Website

Faster loading times

If your website isn't loading in under two seconds then you may be losing customers to your competition's site that does. Upgrade your site to make it load faster.

Improved SEO rankings

A website that isn't loaded up with unnecessary bloat, has SEO best practices applied, and the Yoast plugin, will make it easier for the SEO spiders to get to the right information and rank your site accordingly

Increased security features

An outdated website leaves you vulnerable to hackers. By upgrading to the latest software and minimal plugins your security will be improved dramatically

Freedom, ownership & control

With a WordPress website you have the freedom to add to it as your business grows. You are in control and you own the website plus any developer anywhere can work on it

Super easy for you to edit

You shouldn't have to contact your web designer for every little change you want to make. With the easy drag and drop software, you can make changes anytime, easily, yourself

Better user experience

Your new website will be completely mobile responsive which creates a better user experience and ultimately converts to more customers

The tools we use & recommend

In Blue Dog Website Care Plans We Specialise In WordPress Websites Care Min

We are experts in WordPress and have been working with WordPress websites for over ten years. We love it because of its flexibility and the freedom it gives to our clients. We love empowering our clients to grow their business with WordPress.

For SEO there is no better plugin than the Yoast SEO Plugin. It makes SEO easy for beginners through to intermediates and it can even make it fun. There are so many steps you can take yourself to improve your SEO before hiring a specialist and Yoast is a great tool to support you with that.

We believe editing your website and making small text changes should be something you can do easily and quickly yourself if you want to. We love the Beaver Builder editing tool for this. It's drag-n-drop usability means anyone can be empowered to make changes to their site at any time.

Choose a website conversion package


  •    5 Standard Pages (text+images)
  •    Built on WordPress platform
  •    Easy drag-n-drop editing
  •    Yoast Plugin for SEO
  •    Current Content Transferred
  •    Images Optimised for Online
  •      CTA List Builder Optin


  •    10 Standard Pages (text+images)
  •    Built on WordPress platform
  •    Easy drag-n-drop editing
  •    Yoast Plugin for SEO
  •    Current Content Transferred
  •    Images Optimised for Online
  •     24 Blog Posts Transferred
  •      CTA List Builder Optin
  •      Bonus: Landing Page & Thank you Page Template


  •    10 Standard Pages (text+images)
  •    Built on WordPress platform
  •    Easy drag-n-drop editing
  •    Yoast Plugin for SEO
  •    Current Content Transferred
  •    Images Optimised for Online
  •    20 Standard Products (text+images)
  •     24 Blog Posts Transferred
  •      Fixed Rate Shipping
  •      Linked to Payment Gateway
  •      CTA List Builder Optin
  •      Bonus: Landing Page & Thank you Page Template

All prices are in AUD plus GST

Extra additions for you

Extra Pages Pack $397

If your website has more pages than those listed above, you can easily add one or more of these Extra Pages packs onto your upgrade. Each pack includes up to 5 extra standard pages of text and images. For more complicated pages please contact us for a quote.

Blog Post Pack $299

If you have been diligently writing blog posts then you will need one or more of these packs. The Blog Post pack includes the transfer and configuration of 24 blog posts including optimisation of their matching images. Buy as many of these packs as you need.

Extra Product Packs $199

If your website is ecommerce and has more products than those listed in the packages above, that's ok. Just add one or more of these extra product packs onto your website upgrade. Each pack includes up to 20 extra products with images transferred and configured.

Customisable form $197

If your current website has a customised form within it, then you will need this extra pack so that we can re-configure your form and it's content into your new website.

Customised table $249

If your current website has a customised table of contents or packages for sale then you will need this pack which includes the specific coding required to transfer your current table into your new website.

Memberships & Courses

Memberships and courses are much better housed within your website than on a third party software. If your current website has either of these you will need to contact us for a customised quotation.

Not sure which package is right for you?

No problem! Book a complimentary call with us to have all your questions answered