Why Should You Use WordPress?


When WordPress was first launched in 2003, it was seen as simple CMS for blogging programs. But as the years have gone by it has become more important and now is capable of acting as the backbone for all kinds of websites. It’s currently being used by big names such as Samsung, Forbes and CNN to name just a few. Below are several reasons why we love it and why you should consider using WordPress too.

  • Easy to manage – WordPress allows you to update your plugins and themes from within your admin dashboard. It also notifies you when you can update to a new version of WordPress as it is released.
  • Easy to use and learn – Almost everyday new people join WordPress because it is easy to adapt to and fairly easy to use. The website WPBeginner has tons of articles and step-by-step guides specifically made for beginner level Word Press users.
  • It’s Free! – WordPress is a free software that allows you to download, install, use and modify to create any kind of website your creative mind can imagine.
  • Extendable by using themes and plugins – the main reason why WordPress is an ideal platform is because there are thousands of free themes to chose from, to give your website any look you want. WordPress can also be extended, by using plugins. These add extra functions which can add a whole new dimension to your website.
  • Safe and secure – WordPress is developed with security in mind, so it is one of the safest and most secure platform to run any website. Yet, just like the real world, there are intruders that want to get their hands on as many sites as possible so we always recommend a security software and a back up system to protect your most valuable business asset.

At Blue Dog Digital Marketing we only use WordPress, you can see some of our work in our portfolio.



Clark Marshall

Clark Marshall has over twenty years experience in building websites, and has been working exclusively with WordPress for the past fifteen. A self confessed lover of coffee he loves nothing more than hanging out in cafe's catching up with mates as he travels the world together with his wife. In a previous life we are convinced he was a golden retriever as his love for dogs is infectious as is his chilled out demeanour.