Maximize These Time Management Tips to Optimise Your Business

time management

Everyone starts off with the same amount of time each and every day – 24 hours – how you chose to use your time is what matters. Follow these top five Time Management Tips in order to be an even more successful business owner.

Here are the top five time management tips:

  1. Start Early – A lot of people sleep through into the late hours of the morning. By doing this you end up losing half your day just by sleeping in. This can jeopardize your whole business day and make you stay tired and foggy minded throughout the day. Wake up early and get a fresh start to maximise your day.
  2. Plan your Day – by planning your day, you will have a set outline of what you are expecting to get finished in that day. If you set yourself realistic goals, you will feel more successful at the end of your working day but don’t overdo it with an impossible list or you will be setting yourself up for failure. Set aside a reasonable amount of time for each task and once you see the results you will mark this one as your favourite time management tip.
  3. Do the most difficult task first – by working on the most difficult task first you are using your fresh and alert brain and will be more likely to do a good job if you start it first up rather than leaving the task until 4pm in the afternoon when you begin to feel fatigued. By doing this, it also gets your brain working and more alert for the following tasks and this is a great way to increase your time management. Our favourite task list management tool is Clickup.
  4. Focus on one thing at a time – this is a very important time management tip because most people are constantly being distracted by other things (facebook, open office interruptions, twitter, email notifications) and by the end of the day nothing has been accomplished. This means focusing is a very important thing when it comes to the production of your business and managing your time.
  5. Outsource personal chores – if you outsource your personal chores such as, laundry, cooking and cleaning, you will be more likely to get more work done whether you are in the office or at home. You won’t feel cluttered and you will have more spare time to either work on your business or do personal things. Ask yourself how much is your time worth? Is it best spent doing the washing or calling that potential client back?

Tell me which one of these is your favourite time management tip – comment below.

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