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Why Should You Use WordPress?


When WordPress was first launched in 2003, it was seen as simple CMS for blogging programs. But as the years have gone by it has become more important and now is capable of acting as the backbone for all kinds of websites. It’s currently being used by big names such as Samsung, Forbes and CNN…

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Our Top Ten Sales Techniques

Know Your Product or Service It seems straightforward, doesn’t it? Yet there are far too many sales people who try to sell products without having a good grasp of what it is they are selling. These people can sometimes have a certain degree of success in a good economy, but when the going gets tough…

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I Need A Logo…Where Do I Start?

So you’ve had a brilliant idea for a service or new product that is needed to fill a missing void. You have researched the industry, created a plan and now finally you have come up with a really cool business name either by analyzing the market place carefully and key word research or simply by…

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Never Have to Remember Passwords Again!

For years I carried around in the back section of my diary an ever growing list of all my accounts with their login details and passwords. Of course they were all coded like a 007 agents, at least that’s what I thought. As I began to grasp the technology that was drastically and very quickly…

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How to Increase your Lead Conversion

lead conversions

In order to increase your lead conversion, there are a few main things you should be doing, in order to make those potential clients, a happy and well looked after client. Your clients don’t want to be bombarded by you through their emails, phone calls and sometimes even through the mail, so how do you…

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How to Boost your Google Rankings

Back in the year 2000 was having a good Google ranking really that important to your business? No it wasn’t. Over the years the popularity of Google has grown substantially. If you cant work something out, you Google it! Its natural instinct now for a lot of people. Therefore ones business ranking on Google has…

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How to Ask For Referrals

Referrals are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to grow your business. You may not have realised it, but by asking for a referral, it can dramatically increase your client base. It is unlikely the client will think to give your business a referral, so unless you ask them it is unlikely…

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10 Ways to Influence a Potential Client

Send out a newsletter– this will make them feel valued by you and your time, and will also show the potential clients your products/services.   Free Gift- this will make any client happy as everyone loves free things. But you need to make sure they aren’t just looking for a freebie and are actually possible…

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