Never Have to Remember Passwords Again!

Password - puzzle 3d render illustration with word on blue background

For years I carried around in the back section of my diary an ever growing list of all my accounts with their login details and passwords. Of course they were all coded like a 007 agents, at least that’s what I thought.

As I began to grasp the technology that was drastically and very quickly changing our world I transferred these to an excel list that was hidden in the hard drive of my computer and backed on an external hard drive and once again I thought I was pretty clever and pretty secure. But the challenge was that if I needed a password, couldn’t remember it and I didn’t have my computer with me, well…lets just say that it created many a frustrating moment, especially when travelling overseas.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to the wonderful software called Last Pass that all my frustrations vanished. All I had to do was remember one password and the rest was all done for me. As far as I was concerned it is the best invention since Velcro!

So what is Last Pass? Well it’s a software application that you can load into your computer or phone (they now have an app) and it sits on your browser. Every site that you visit and log into you have the choice of having Last Pass remember the login details and password. It takes the hassle out of logging in and signing up and even placing orders.

You can have Last Pass on your computer, on your phone and your ipad. You have a master password that keeps all your passwords safe and allows you to log into your Last Pass account from anywhere in the world, without having to take your hard drive with you.

Now how much would you expect to pay for something that saves you all this frustration? Well that’s the absolute best part!! It’s FREE!! So go to and check it out. I love it, so do a heap of our clients, and I am sure you will too.



Clark Marshall

Clark Marshall has over twenty years experience in building websites, and has been working exclusively with WordPress for the past fifteen. A self confessed lover of coffee he loves nothing more than hanging out in cafe's catching up with mates as he travels the world together with his wife. In a previous life we are convinced he was a golden retriever as his love for dogs is infectious as is his chilled out demeanour.