How to Boost your Google Rankings

Back in the year 2000 was having a good Google ranking really that important to your business? No it wasn’t. Over the years the popularity of Google has grown substantially. If you cant work something out, you Google it! Its natural instinct now for a lot of people. Therefore ones business ranking on Google has become highly important. The most important thing to do for your business, is to make sure when you Google it, you come up on the first page, if not within the first few websites.

A very successful way of boosting your Google ranking naturally is by posting two blog posts a week. By posting frequently on your website, Google will begin to think highly of your website, due to the high activity rate. This will boost your Google ranking and will cause your website to be situated closer to the top on the search engine. Also, by posting interesting content blog posts, you could also have a personal effect on your customers who take the time to read your posts, causing them to feel more like a friend to you rather than a stranger.

It is also important to use forever useful information on your website, not just trendy and disposable content. Create blog post content that your readers or customers will find it interesting enough to come back and re-read again in a years time, or even two or five years down the track.

The content of your website is as equally important and has to relate back to the topic. In the internet world, it is said. “Content is king, links are Queen”. The content is the most important factor as it attracts potential customers so it needs to be appealing , while the links can lead the customer further into your website and get them interested in your products or services and the business itself. If you can create interesting content and links to keep your customer on your website for longer then this high activity rate will also increase your Google ranking.

Another important way to increase Google ranking is to think like your customers would and type how they would speak. For example, if you were a web design company, you couldn’t include massively lengthy words that your customer isn’t going to understand, you have to bring it down to how regular people would type or talk. Don’t forget to include some key words that your customers will be likely to type into a search engine but don’t go too crazy with these or it will have a negative effect. Keep it real and conversational.

By implementing these suggestions, it is more likely to increase your Google ranking organically and all it will take is a bit of your time to write some good content and blog posts with relevant links. As a by-product you will also be increasing your reputation and the integrity of your business in the eyes of not only Google but your clientele.

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