Website Wireframe

$599.00 AUD + GST

Includes up to 5 pages wire-framed,  and an approximately 1 hour zoom call with you to determine the content.

A website wireframe is a visual prototype of a web page that focuses on content and layout. It does not include any styling, colour, or graphics. It’s like a blueprint to a house that shows the plan for plumbing and electricity without the interior design.

Click to see a wireframe example >>>

A wireframe is constructed using basic boxes, demo text, and other shapes to create an outline of the functional parts of a web page without wasting time creating an intricate, polished design. It’s used as first step in the website design and web development process, especially useful when starting from scratch.

The wireframe helps communicate concepts to all stakeholders in a visual way.

After purchase you will be directed to a booking page to make an appointment for your zoom call.

Once the initial wireframe is completed you will be able to provide feedback / changes via our feedback software, you can easily annotate directly onto the wireframe from your computer to give us clear instructions for changes.



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