Website Wednesdays

$97.00 AUD + GST

Gain access for 12 hours to two website and online marketing experts.
Have your website and tech woes handled and get the support and advice you need to keep moving forward in your business.

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To make sure everyone gets their questions answered and are able to get the most out of the Website Wednesdays we’ve gotta have some rules:

  1. Tickets are limited to 10 to ensure everyone gets their questions answered
  2. Questions will be answered in the order they come in (but it’s worth listening in because you may learn something that helps you, via the other person’s question and answer)
  3. If you ask more than one question at a time they will be answered on a rotating system – once we have answered one question for you, we will then go to the first question of the next person and so on until all have been answered
  4. You must be willing to share your computer screen in the group environment otherwise we may not be able to help you
  5. You MUST uphold the confidentiality of the group – anything you see or hear is to be kept entirely within the group – no exceptions!
  6. If you ask a question that will take more than ten minutes to answer we may break it down into several answers and add them to the rotation system
  7. We reserve the right to refer you to a document, video or blog post that provides the answer you need
  8. Website Wednesdays is available to you only if you aren’t already a customer of the Blue Dog Group of companies.


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