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Gmail…why use it?

Gmail is by far the best email client that can be used in a business environment. No other email system can compare nor match what the Google driven client has to offer. The ability to access an unlimited amount of accounts through one login is key tool for business as it allows one to manage their personal and business emails through one device and one login. Due to Gmail’s user-friendly layout and easy to follow built in guide makes the process to link accounts together simple and able to be completed in seconds. What’s more is each account is given a default space of ten gigabytes for emails which can store thousands of text based emails for absolutely no cost. Gmail also gives you the option to customise the layout and change the theme so you can easily differentiate between accounts allowing you to work comfortably and fluently.

Alternate email clients such as Outlook and Hotmail are often slower, bulkier and can be frustrating to use. What’s more, it is that you are more likely to receive spam email and scams in Outlook and Hotmail as they use a less secure database. This means that your email can be accessed by all sorts of different people without your consent. This can hinder your productivity as the constant spam can act as a distraction and make it difficult to locate specific emails. With Gmail you can search through your emails by entering certain keywords into a Google like search bar. You don’t need to sort your mail, you can simply search it.

So what’s wrong with Hotmail? It’s free just like Gmail right? Sure Hotmail may be completely free however Hotmail has horrific flaws and security concerns. Outgoing emails are free to be spammed, what’s worse is that Hotmail allows this and will often end up deleting older messages in your inbox without warning or permission. Linking accounts on Hotmail requires you to download the windows live client and takes a complicated multi-step method that can take up to 15 minutes, however due to the small email capacity Hotmail offers linking accounts is hardly worth it as you will burn through your capacity through the sheer amount of spam flooding both accounts inboxes.

Outlook isn’t as bad as Hotmail, however it still pales in the face of Gmail. Gmail can seamlessly communicate with multiple accounts without duplicating emails or information, Outlook on the other hand often has issues syncing with multiple accounts and will end up creating multiple copies of a single email. This can become a strain to work with as you will be constantly be deleting and forced to clean up your inbox to keep things organised. Without a way to search for specific emails in outlook users can end up wasting hours of time sorting through convoluted boxes riddled with copies in hopes of stumbling across the desired email.

If you take into account these clearly evident problems that can waste precious time and resources why would you take a gamble? Gmail can do everything that any other email client can offer only easier, more efficient and less time consuming. Imperfect programs will only serve as a hindrance and slow your success to the point your growth and potential falters. Gmail is a free, effective and professional tool that can be utilized to give your business an edge with your online communications. When operated appropriately Gmail can turn into an invaluable tool that will only benefit your productivity and success.

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